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Weruva - Chicken and Beef

Paté done right! 

Weruva's new Slide N' Serve™ Patés use the same high quality ingredients you have come to love from Weruva. Because we use simple, wholesome ingredients and gently purée them into a hydrating paté you can literally see the difference in each recipe. Our recipes have always had a simple and safe focus; high quality protein with hydration. With over 83% moisture content in our patés, your feline friend will get the moisture they need to stay happy and healthy. And for the pet parent, we’re making it easier and more fun to feed our feline friends their favorite foods. Simply open the pouch, slide the food out, and prepare to your cat’s content - Slide 'N Serve!

Jeopurrdy Licious

Chicken Breast Dinner

Love Connection

Chicken & Salmon Dinner

Let’s Make a Meal

Lamb & Mackerel Dinner

The Newly Feds

Beef & Salmon Dinner

Meal of Fortune

Chicken Breast Dinner With Chicken Liver

Name 'Dat Tuna

Tuna Dinner

The Slice is Right

Wild Caught Salmon Dinner

Family Food

Chicken Breast Dinner with Tuna

The Showcase Chowdown

Variety Pack

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