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Are Weruva’s formulas complete meals? Can I feed Weruva to kittens or puppies?

Though none of our formulas were specifically designed for kittens or puppies, all are suitable for feeding for all life stages. The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) sets forth nutritional info in pet foods. You will see “AAFCO” near the “all life stages” or “kitten” food info on a product’s label. According to AAFCO, the primary difference between kitten/puppy and adult pet food is that kittens and puppies require higher protein. As our foods are protein focused, they make a nice option for feeding kittens and puppies. Our vitamin and mineral content is suitable for kittens and puppies as well. Our formulas are lower in fat than many brands, so our overall calorie content is likely lower than most kitten or puppy food. Kittens and puppies need a lot of calories, so as long as they are getting enough good calories, our foods can be used daily as part of the diet.

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