Weruva owner David Forman spoke with pet food industry expert, Tracie Hotchner about WHY are cats so darn picky?! You can view her original article here and listen to the podcast here.

  1. Their preferences start young – what cats are fed when they are kittens does shape their food preferences later in life.
  2. Cats are obligate carnivores, this means that they have to eat meat. They also receive their moisture primarily through meat. Unfortunately, kibble does not provide this and can lead to dehydration. Here at Weruva, (as you can guess) we advocate wet food for cats!
  3. Cats are delicate eaters – their dishes aren’t going to be instantly cleared like your pup, they enjoy taking their time.
  4. They are pre-programmed with a sensitive tongue! Cats’ tastebuds are more sensitive to bitterness and don’t respond to sweetness like us humans.
  5. Aroma matters – Cats are drawn to foods with aroma. They may seem indifferent to a dish fresh from the fridge. Quickly heat it up and you may find that was all it took!
  6. Textures are important – their tongues have backwards facing spines that are meant to help shred and tear meat. It’s likely your cat has a preferred texture and we have many to choose from. Minced, shreds, gravy, pates… and more!
  7. It takes trial and error. We get it, your cat is unique and they do change their minds. If you find that your feline isn’t happy with a Weruva product, contact our customer service and we’ll work with you to find a product that your kitty will love!

We don’t want your kitty to hide his/her head in a box each mealtime – view all of Weruva’s tasty food options for cats (and dogs) by clicking below!