Weruva Cat Litter

Weruva Cat Litter

with Hinoki Wood & Green Tea
  • Featuring Hinoki Wood, or Japanese Cypress, with Green Tea
  • Naturally suppresses bacteria for lasting odor control
  • Quick clumping, all-natural, and non-toxic
  • Responsibly sourced and sustainably made
  • Clay and grain free
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Size: 6.7 lb

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Hinoki Wood and Green Tea

Instruction for Regular Use

Start with 2-4 inches of litter in the box. We recommend filling on the higher side for multi-cat households. Scoop at least once a day. After removing waste, refill the litter box as necessary to maintain the 2-4 inch level (maintaining levels helps with clumping and scooping).

Instruction for First Time

Some cats may adjust to Weruva Hinoki & Green Tea Litter without issue, and some may need some time. If you believe your cat may need some time, sprinkle as little as a thin layer atop your current litter or replace as much as a third of your current litter. Once your cat begins to use the litter, you can gradually increase the amount of Weruva litter. And when you feel the time is right, empty the litter box completely and refill with Weruva only.