Our cat foods are crafted using the finest, high-quality ingredients, and offer a lip-smacking variety of flavors and textures to please even the fussiest of felines

Cat Foods

Weruva Classic Cat

It's Cat Food, SERIOUSLY!

Weruva Cat Paté

Bone-Free Patés Puréed to Perfection

Weruva Kitten

Give Them Weruva From the Start!

Wx Phos Focused

Weruva's Lowest Phosphorus Formulas

Cats in the Kitchen Kitten

Tasty Recipes For Your Kitten Carnivore!

Cats in the Kitchen

Recipes For Your Kitchen Carnivore

Cats in the Kitchen Paté

Patés Crafted With Land & Sea Combos!


Recipes For The Cat Upon Their Throne

BFF Minced

Minced Meals With Red Meat Tuna


Oh My Gravy - For Happy Hydration!


For Paté Lovers, Aw Yeah!

BFF Kitten

The Best Food For Your New Best Friend

Weruva Cat Stew!

Recipes With Wild Caught Salmon

Supplements & Litter

Pumpkin Patch Up!

The Happy Belly Maker!

Weruva Cat Litter

One Bag + One Cat = One Month!