Come meet all the furry family members of the Weruva Team that keep their 2-legged parents company! It’s not all cats and dogs, there are also a few horses, a cow, and reptiles, because family comes in all types!


This rowdy bunch of senior misfits was rescued from different situations. Even though they all have their different quirks they all get along wonderfully and complete the family!


Hi! I am Mercedez Renee, on the left, and that’s my adopted brother Motto Wayne on the right. I am a 13 pound Frenchie/Chihuahua mix and Motto is a 19 pound Jack Russell mix. We love riding in the car, bossing other dogs around at the dog park and Motto is crazy for his Chuck it balls.


Hi! I’m Roo and I loooooove to run! I won’t eat anything even remotely spicy and I have traveled through 35 states and 4 regions in Canada – whining at EVERY cow that we passed.


Hi! I’m Indy (full name: Indiana Jones Danger Fortner) and I found my humans camping outside of Santa Fe in New Mexico where they then proceeded to take me with them on an epic cross country road trip. My favorite place to snooze is under the covers, in the middle of my human’s bed with only my nose peeking out. I LOVE to be chased!


Hi! I’m Miss Pickles and I love posing for the camera!


Hi! I’m Maxwell and I love to sleep under the covers and attack rawhide scraps. It’s a rough life. My various nicknames include Maxwell Mouse, Mr. Mouse, Mouse, Puppy Son, and Puppy Mouse.


Hi! I’m Bonito and I am a 15 year old Stallion, half Quarter horse and half Arabian to be exact. I was bottle-fed as a baby and as a result, I am VERY affectionate towards people I love. I never pass up an opportunity to roll around and get dirty.


Hi! I’m Bruce and I’m a rough-haired Dutch shepherd. I only weigh in just over 30 pounds but I like to think I’m the biggest dog at the park. My owner found me running down the street when I was a puppy.


Hi! I’m Sammy and I was found behind a Starbucks when I was only 7 weeks old. According to staff, I had been there for at least 2 weeks and they had been feeding me muffins and croissants. Unfortunately, due to a not so good diet at a young age, I have vision problems and diabetes but thankfully I eat Weruva food now! My depth perception is way off which makes jumping on to things pretty tricky but I’m up for the challenge!


Hi! I’m Bentley and I almost always need a hair cut. I LOVE to chase my ball and my absolute favorite place is the cottage where we go stand up paddling, boating, and snowmobiling!


Hi! I’m Rock and my mom thinks I’m a rockstar! And a giant teddy bear. I loves treats of any kind and scratches behind my ears. Funny story, my mom showed my picture to her hairdresser once to explain what kind of highlights she wanted!


Hi! I’m Cheeto and I was rescued from Pet Valu while my mom was doing a demo there! I have the loudest purr ever but the quietest meow. I am one big cuddle monster/goofball and I love laser pointers and climbing on things I shouldn’t.


Hi! I’m Kobi and when I was rescued I came to my mom in a cardboard box. My full name is Sergeant Kobi Meowensteen. I loves to cuddle but only when I wants to. I’m always helping my mom with her office work by lying right across the keyboard. I like to help redecorate by knocking things off of shelves.


Hi! I’m Maserati and I love to watch cooking shows with my brother Cubby so that stealing human food is easier. I also love to ride around on your shoulders and consider it one of my favorite pastimes.


Hi! I’m Cubby and I like to watch cooking shows with my brother, Maserati. We’re teaming up to steal foods. I make a weirdly human face while tucking myself in for bed.


Hi! I’m Oslo Hansen and I am a Great Pyrenees. I enjoy long walks on the beach, swimming, barking, digging, and generally doing whatever I like.


Hi! I’m Loki and I was rescued when I was 13 months old. I am almost always carrying one of my many toys in my mouth and I have non-stop energy. I’m a gentle giant and I let the cats sleep on me and am a mommy’s boy.


Hi! I’m Punkie Blinco. My mom likes to give me lots of hugs and thinks I am a princess (I agree!). My mom and I like to visit her friends and we even have coffee with them.


Hi! I’m Delilah and I’m quite the traveler! I’ve traveled from coast to coast, been in 19 different states, and hiked enough mountain peaks to equal Mt. Everest. I will always find a sunspot to take a nap, I’m solar powered. I also love food! Every snack you make, every bite you take, I’ll be watching you 😉


Hi! We’re Bella and Chloe! We love a good party and working out!


Hi! I’m Fuzz and I love to dress up for special occasions and parties! I also love getting fed hay and corn and having my ears scratched. There’s nothing better than getting a big hug or taking long walks in the barn with my fellow Holsteins. I weigh in at just over 1,300 lbs but I’m a gentle giant.


Hi! We’re Stella and Charlie and our birthday is on Halloween. Our mom thinks we are quite the “Trick and a Treat”. We are young at heart and still think we are puppies as we love to run, play, fight, jump and enjoy being outdoors!


Hi! We’re Coco and Sprinkles! Sprinkles is an excellent singer, and even better at duets with my mom and dad. Coco is a secret dock diver extraordinaire and would tell you “I see you have a stick and you should throw it immediately so that I can carry it for you… GO FOR A SWIM?!”


Hi! I’m Brutus and I’ve always had a strange relationship with stuffed toys, especially my pirate frog. I suck on them like a pacifier. I come to the office almost every day and am known to invite myself to meetings, play with the mailman and UPS driver, help dad around the office, and assist with mailings. Another fun tidbit, I was born in the Ukraine!


Hi! I’m Lola and I am an Anatolian Shepard. I might be big but I really think I’m just one of the kids. I love to go on car rides and I like the river or ocean but never a pool.


Hi! We’re Willow and Ripley we love to do anything outdoors with mom and dad; hiking, biking kayaking/SUPing, you name it! We are big divas and love our Starbucks. We whine with excitement and stick our heads out the window in the drive-thru until we get our Pupuccinos! We get asked all the time if we are “related” but we’re not! Two adopted mystery mutts who just happen to look similar.


Hi! I’m Willy and I am a Golden Doodle. I do not know I’m a dog and please don’t tell me otherwise. One of my favorite things is feeling the wind on my face during a car ride. I’ve caused multiple backups at the Dunkin Donuts drive-through because the staff loves saying hi to me.


Hi! I’m Rizzo and I am a mixed breed and will be a youthful 18 years old this year. I love shredding paper bags and cardboard, but my absolute favorite thing to shred is the drink holder you get from Dunkin Donuts. I also have a major catnip addiction.


Hi! I’m Mei and I love peanut butter, walks with my humans, and sitting in and eating snow.


Hi! I’m Tali and I enjoy sleeping on my humans’ heads. I have baby-green eyes and am not the biggest fan of my roommate, Mei, pictured above. You can usually find me looking at the window.


Hi! I’m Milo and I will play fetch until my human has to start fetching the ball. Going buh-byes in the car or on the golf cart is my favorite thing in the whole wide world! One day I will catch the mailman no matter how many times my mom tries to stop me!


Hi! I’m Beaux and I love chasing squirrels up trees and barking until mom makes me come in. I love my moose and fooling humans into thinking I will share it. Don’t let these little legs fool you I am quite the athlete!


Hi! I’m Lily and I love trying to fit into tight spaces. I am always prepared to eat and show up out of nowhere as soon as I hear a can being opened.


Hi! I’m Pheobe and I get so excited when we’re getting ready to go on a walk that I can’t stop barking. I need to find a sock and put it in my mouth when I get excited. I love running around outside and sometimes try to hide so my owner will have to find me.


Hi! I’m Rizzo and some people would say I have a tennis ball “problem.” I tend to drool whenever I see them, my eyes get large, and my tail happily wags! I also like to attack the hose (is it a big snake?!) and I love watching TV!


Hi! We’re Cher and Georgie! Cher likes to hang out on her swing and Georgie likes to watch Rizzo (pictured above) chase her tennis balls! We love to chirp and play, especially when Mommy is on a conference call!


Hi! I’M Vinnie And I am a 19 pound picky cat/would rather be a dog. I love cuddles and being outside (I even use the doggie door). I am very demanding of your attention and love to sleep. I like to wait at the door with the dogs for my owner to get home.


Hi! I’m Doby, I am a 6 month old Blue Tongue Skinks. On occasion, my human Mom will give me some Weruva Cat food because like a cat, I can be picky and not want to eat my normal food. I love Weruva food!