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You may have seen the term "Awesome Happy Awesome Healthy" on our website. A phrase at Weruva that is the embodiment of what we do every day. The spirit of living a life filled with joy, positivity, and good health, not just for you but for your pets, too! Good health leads to good pets and a good life.

We firmly believe that pets are part of the family and are passionate about providing the best for our furry friends, which is why we want to share with you what "Awesome Happy Awesome Healthy" means and, even better, how can you achieve it!

To us, "Awesome Happy Awesome Healthy" means having thriving pets, not just surviving. It means being surrounded by pets filled with vitality, vigor, and zest for life. It also means doing your part to ensure your pet is living that lifestyle each day, every day.

Healthy pets are happy pets, and happy pets are awesome. Here is a closer look at each word and how it applies to pet parenting:


Our pets' happiness is vital to their overall health and well-being. A joyful pet exudes a feeling of contentment and satisfaction, which is an important component for them to live an "Awesome Happy Awesome Healthy" life.


Being "Healthy" means being free from illness or injury and nurturing a positive outlook on life. It means providing the necessary nutrition and care that your pets need to ensure they are thriving both physically and mentally.


When it comes to our pets, "Awesome" signifies something extraordinary, impressive, and awe-inspiring. Living a life full of "Awesome" means being surrounded by pets that are beyond amazing, vibrant, and thriving!

As a pet parent, achieving "Awesome Happy Awesome Healthy" for your pets involves a combination of providing excellent nutrition, exercise, and mental stimulation.

Here are some awesome and practical examples to incorporate into your pet parenting routine:

  1. Choose high-quality food that meets your pet's unique nutritional needs. You are what you eat! This is no different for our pets.
  2. Whether playing fetch, going for a walk or run, or even swimming. Be sure to engage in regular exercise activities with your Dog.
  3. Be sure to provide plenty of opportunities for play and mental stimulation for your cats, including interactive games, toys, cat trees, and more.
  4. Ensure your pet has regular check-ups with their veterinarian to keep on top of any health concerns or issues.
  5. Make sure your pet feels loved and valued daily by spending quality time with them and giving them plenty of affection and attention.

Remember, living an "Awesome Happy Awesome Healthy" life is a journey for both you and your furry family members. At Weruva, we want to join you on this journey and be part of your pet family. We hope this blog has inspired you and provided tips on making your pets' lives as "Awesome Happy Awesome Healthy" as possible!

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