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Recently, Weruva had the honor of being able to donate a truckload of products to the Beagle Freedom Project (BFP) to aid in their efforts to liberate over 200 dogs, cats, and newborn puppies (and a few pigs!) in desperate need. By partnering with BFP, Weruva played a small but vital role in the rescue efforts and transformation of a once-cruel testing laboratory into a new beginning for these innocent animals.

Rescuing Animals from a Grim Situation

On February 14, 2024, the Beagle Freedom Project officially announced that they had achieved a significant milestone by successfully shutting down a massive animal testing laboratory in Nowata, Oklahoma. This closure ended one-third of the flea and tick testing industry and decades of cruel experimentation. As a result, thousands of dogs and cats will be spared from future testing and purpose breeding, ending suffering for good.

The Beagle Freedom Project has taken over the laboratory's 30-acre property and facilities in rural Oklahoma. Once notorious for holding animals captive for painful experiments, this space will be transformed into a rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption center.

More than 200 dogs and cats have been surrendered to BFP, liberated from the toxic and painful tests they endured their whole life. Thanks to Weruva's support, these animals now have over 100,000 healthy meals ready to be fed to them by the team on the ground.

Giving Back to Pets in Need

At Weruva, we wholeheartedly believe every animal deserves a chance at an "Awesome Happy Awesome Healthy" life. Giving back to animals is not just a responsibility; it's a passion that drives us. We understand the unconditional love and joy our furry family members bring to our lives, and we want to extend that same love and care to animals in need. That's why we actively support organizations like the Beagle Freedom Project, working tirelessly to rescue and rehabilitate animals.

We express our support for the Beagle Freedom Project's mission in this quote:

When we heard about the rescue efforts of the Beagle Freedom Project, we knew we had to help! At Weruva, we firmly believe that all furry family members deserve wholesome nutrition, no matter their circumstances. The Weruva journey began with our owners' beloved rescue pets, Webster, Rudi, and Vanessa, the cats that are also our namesake. Giving back to rescue pets is integral to who we are as a family-owned company. We cherish every opportunity to support pet-focused organizations like BFP, knowing that together, we can positively impact the lives of pets in need.

Weruva Brand Ambassador Nathan Kehn, known on social media as Nathan the CatLady, has been actively involved with the Beagle Freedom Project. Nathan's unwavering dedication was on display as he provided hands-on assistance, helping build new facilities and raising awareness about the animals' plight. His compassion and love for animals exemplify the commitment required to transform lives and ensure a brighter future.

A Call for Support

The Beagle Freedom Project now appeals to the public for ongoing support in caring for these rescued animals. You can even apply to adopt one of these rescue animals and help give them a forever home!

Thorough medical treatment, nutritious food, safe and beautiful habitats, and the freedom to roam are vital to their continued recovery. By offering protection, love, play, enrichment, and the support they deserve, we can collectively ensure a bright future for these animals who have suffered immensely.

Thanks to the Beagle Freedom Project these animals are finding a path to healing and a lifetime of love.

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