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Have you ever thought about the ingredients in your cat's litter? You may have heard us say before, "The best ingredients make the best food," but what about your cats' litter? This philosophy extends beyond mealtime to encompass every aspect of your pet's well-being. That includes what goes in their litter box!

That's why we created Weruva Cat Litter, It's a Tea Potty. A cleaner, safer, natural cat litter using eco-friendly materials instead of traditional clay and grains. So it's better for cats and the environment.

This innovative formula sets it apart, providing a safe and sustainable option for your feline companion. Using ingredients like hinoki wood and green tea in our cat litter is not only innovative but also more sustainable in every scoop.

What are the Benefits of Tea Potty?

  • Clumping: The Hinoki wood and potato starch promote clumping, making this litter easy to scoop and removing all traces of cat waste to ensure a naturally fresh litter box for your cat.
  • Natural Odor Control: Green tea is renowned for its natural deodorizing properties. It locks in odors and inhibits bacteria from growing, keeping your home smelling fresh while still being fragrance-free and made without any harsh chemicals.
  • Low Dust & Low Tracking: The small pellets that make up our litter minimize dust and tracking, keeping your floors and cat cleaner and ensuring your feline friend can easily breathe while doing their business.
  • Lightweight: Carrying heavy bags of litter is a thing of the past. Weruva's lightweight formula makes it easy to handle without sacrificing performance.
  • But wait, there's more! On top of it's feature benefits Weruva Cat Litter is also non-toxic and safe for kittens and use with small animals.

Responsibly Sourced & Upcycled

Weruva understands the importance of eco-conscious practices, so we use sustainably sourced ingredients and materials in our production process. This focus on quality ingredients and materials allows us to create an exceptional product that is also environmentally responsible.

Weruva Cat Litter Ingredients

The main ingredient in our litter is Hinoki Wood. This wood is from a Japanese Cypress tree that grows fast, regenerates on its own, and is known for its durability. We use the leftover hinoki shavings from the lumber industry and turn them into a natural wood cat litter.

The other ingredient in our cat litter, Green Tea, is one we are all familiar with. Weruva repurposes the spent green tea leaves once all the flavors and nutrients have been extracted for various food products, leaving behind the components that give antimicrobial properties to Weruva Cat Litter.

Not only are these ingredients effective and sustainable, but they are also "upcycled." Recycled ingredients involve breaking down the original material to create a new product, whereas upcycled ingredients repurpose discarded material by creatively transforming it into a new product. And that's what we do with Weruva Cat Litter—turn leftover ingredients into a premium, environmentally friendly cat litter.

Cat Litter Math: The Epitome of Efficiency

The remarkable value of Weruva Cat Litter manifests in its cost-effectiveness for cat owners. With a single bag of Weruva Tea Potty Cat Litter, you can get up to one month's worth of litter, simplifying your shopping routine and saving you money in the long run.

Weruva Cat Litter Math

If you are in a multi-cat household, you can get a larger bag of Weruva Tea Potty Cat Litter for convenience. Regardless of your situation, Weruva offers a win-win solution for you and your cats.

Navigating Litter Limitations

Although Weruva Cat Litter It’s a Tea Potty provides various benefits, it is essential to understand the optimal ways of using it in your home. Daily scooping is a must to ensure the litter remains effective. You must also use at least two inches of litter for proper clumping, and It's ideal to use a litter scoop designed specifically for pelleted litter.

Also, it is worth noting that Weruva Cat Litter is not compatible with automatic litter sifters or litter robots, so investing in litter maintenance may be necessary.

A Sustainable Choice for Feline Comfort

With Weruva's Tea Potty Cat Litter, you can make a sustainable choice for your feline companions. By choosing a litter that prioritizes eco-friendliness, odor control, and low tracking, you're not only providing a comfortable environment for your cats but also contributing to the health of our planet.

You can find where to buy Weruva Cat Litter near you by using our store locator. Just select "Weruva Cat Litter" at the top of the page to view a list of stores in your area.

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