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Welcome back, pet lovers! Today's question is one that I'm excited to answer - "What are your favorite BFF Variety Packs?" Ah yes. As the god of love and a pet enthusiast, I advocate for the well-being of all pets. And having a list of go-to nutritious and delicious meals is a part of that.

People know me as the god of love! But I'm also known as the Ascendant of Assortment, the Maestro of More, the Sultan of Selection, the Viceroy of Variety, the Chancellor of Choice, the - well, you get the point. I love variety, and variety packs.

Variety packs are great for so many reasons. Trying new foods or rotating through favorites is easy because you get so many flavors in a single case. Additionally, the convenience is simply unbeatable! Here is a list of my favorite Valentine's Day pet foods from my friends' at Weruva.

Valentine's Day Variety Packs - Cupid's Crush

Cupid's Crush BFF Valentine's Day Variety Packs

My top pick from the BFF Variety Pack is Cupid's Crush, a Valentine's Day collection proudly named after me. This pack features six enticing flavors in a luscious smooth gravy - boneless and skinless Tuna, Chicken, Salmon, Duck, and Lamb. Treat your feline friend to a love-filled feast with Cupid's Crush.

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Valentine's Day Variety Packs - Swipe Right Delight

Swipe Right Delight BFF Valentine's Day Variety Packs

Swipe Right Delight, the ultimate pate lover's dream! This delectable variety pack boasts six mouthwatering flavors, expertly crafted with boneless and skinless cuts of Chicken, Tuna, Salmon, and Turkey. Get ready to swipe right on pure feline delight with every bite.

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Best Fido Friend - Fun Size Sampler! Variety Pack

BFF Fun Size Meals Variety Pack

Your pup needs a cup! Fun Size Meals from Best Fido Friend is a huge hit with little pups - especially picky little pups! The Variety Pack, "Fun Size Sampler," features all flavors in the Fun Size Meals line. So you can try them all!

Your little pup will love the delicious boneless and skinless chicken, duck, beef, and salmon cuts in a delectable gravy. All made with a touch of white rice in convenient cup. Contains 8 - 2.75 oz ready to feed cups.

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Best Feline Friend - Rainbow Á GoGo Variety Pack

BFF Rainbow À Gogo Variety Pack

A selection of our most popular BFF pouches! Including a variety of BFF OMG GRAVY pouches for your tuna lover to enjoy.

Rainbow Á GoGo features boneless and skinless cuts of full-flavored red meat tuna with mix-ins of salmon, chicken, beef, duck, lamb, and turkey, all served in a delicious gravy. If your cat loves tuna, they will go nuts for these! The pack contains 12 - 3.0 oz pouches for easy trying and feeding.

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Best Feline Friend - Rainbow Road Variety Pack

BFF Rainbow Road Variety Pack

Rainbow Road is perfect for those cats who love an even mix of land and sea. The flavor options include Chicken & Turkey, Beef & Salmon, Duck &Tuna, Chicken & Salmon, Chicken & Pumpkin, and Chicken & Lamb.

Of course, these are all boneless and skinless cuts - all served in a fantastic gravy. Contains 12 - 2.8 oz cans for your cat to enjoy!

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BFF by Weruva offers an array of Variety Packs that are sure to delight pets everywhere. With these options, you can make an informed decision that will contribute to an "Awesome Happy Awesome Healthy" life for your furry friend. Not only during the Valentine's Season but all year round!

As we part ways, I encourage you to enjoy a handpicked selection of my most cherished romantic tunes. Let these captivating harmonies and sincere words guide your pet food journey. Until we meet again!

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