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Valentine's season is in full swing, and Cupid is here to spread love and address a common concern among dog owners – picky eaters. Today's question, "How can I get my picky dog to eat?" is an inquiry I often hear from my followers.

If you've been struggling to entice your furry friend to eat the food, fear not! As the God of Love and pet food connoisseur, I have a foolproof solution. One that is guaranteed to have your dog's taste buds dancing in delight at feeding time!

The Secret Lies in the Craving for Real Meat

Does your dog scoff at a piece of roast chicken you offer them from your plate? I'm sure that most of you answered with a resounding "no."

You see, as descendants of wolves, dogs are true meat enthusiasts. They are natural carnivores, and their bodies have evolved to thrive on a diet rich in animal protein. And that's the key to solving picky eating behaviors.

Many dog owners choose the convenience of an all-kibble diet. They might also purchase cheaper, more processed food without knowing the difference.

Sadly, these options often contain fillers and artificial ingredients. Leaving less room for the real animal protein you will find in wet dog foods, freeze-dried, or raw options—more fillers = less real meat.

Reading the ingredients and choosing a real meat diet ensures you are giving them the essential nutrients they need to thrive as carnivores. It also provides them with a delicious meal that they love. After all, nothing beats the real deal, whether it's pet food or human food.

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Comparing Apples to Meat?

To underscore my argument, allow me to recount a conversation with my friend Apollo, the god of the Sun, music, wisdom, poetry, and... you get it - he is renowned and highly accomplished.

One day, as I was practicing my archery in a picturesque field, Apollo approached me in frustration. "Why won't my dog eat the chicken kibble I bought?" he pleaded. "He happily devours chicken from my table scraps all the time!"

Lowering my bow with a mischievous grin, I responded, "How has the god of wisdom not yet unraveled the mystery of the fussy eater?" I continued, "You like apples, right?"

Apollo rolled his eyes and retorted, "Don't even think about making a 'how 'bout them apples?' joke with me, Cupid!"

Chuckling at his response, I assured him, "No, that's not where I'm going with this. Hear me out. You enjoy apples, right?"

He stood proudly. "You know I do."

"Ok then!" I exclaimed. "Now, imagine this scenario: If I baked you an apple pie but - only included a minuscule amount of apples. Would you enjoy it?"

He crossed his arms and admitted, "Probably not."

I pressed on, "Exactly! You might exclaim, 'There aren't even any apples in this apple pie!'"

Apollo shot a look as if to say "Get on with it!". I pretended not to notice and continued. "Now, imagine if I cooked that apple pie at such a high temperature that all the flavor vanishes! Does that sound appetizing, or more like something you would refuse to eat?"

He rolled his eyes. "Your point, Cupid?"

Now it was time to take it home, "My point is this: you love apples, but you want enough of them in a pie to taste them and relish in their sweetness. And you don't want them cooked beyond recognition, and your dog is pretty much the same."

He was listening now; I concluded, "You need to feed your dog more real meat! By giving your dog more of what it craves naturally in their food, I bet your pup's pickiness will vanish entirely!"

Spoiler alert: I was right. With just some minor adjustments to Apollo's dog diet, he was suddenly delighting in dinnertime again!

No More Turning Up Their Nose at Mealtime!

So there you have it: if your dog is a picky eater, the long-term answer to your problem is simple. Dogs adore and cannot get enough meat. What's in your dog's food bowl directly affects whether or not they want to eat it.

By providing them with ample amounts of cooked meat, you can bid farewell to picky eating troubles once and for all. What matters is a high-quality diet with lots of protein from real ingredients, nothing artificial, and no fillers. Follow this simple formula, and your pup will be picky no more!

If you are looking for a list of my favorite wet foods for your best friend, here is a curated collection of my favorites. Enjoy!

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